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We've let our cake sit about 15 minutes to let our icing crust. You can test if it's adequately crusted by touching it with your finger- the icing moves but doesn't come off of on your finger.Then take any non-patterned paper towel - I used the back side that just came off of the roll because it's cleaner-and set that on your cake and use your hand or a fondant smoother to basically "iron" your cake.Move in small circular motions and don't press too hard. Don't get any wrinkles in your paper towel or the wrinkles will come off on your cake. Use the same technique for the sides.This is where the fondant smoother comes in really handy. It gives nice perfect, straight up-and-down sides and your sides are nice and flat.

If you find that your icing is sticking to your paper towel, it hasn't adequately crusted, so let is sit a little bit longer and start over with a new paper towel. I got a little bit of sticking and that's OK. We'll let it dry a bit longer and come back in a few minutes.Now we're going to do the corners. Very gently, with your fingers, smooth that down to give it a nice rounded corner. Keep in mind that how smooth you get your cake is determined by how much time you put into smoothing it.

If your cake has a lot of flowers and other decorations, you don't need to put as much time into smoothing your cake because the attention's not going to be there.But if your cake is going to be plainly iced with a border and a few roses, spend a little more time getting it smooth for presentation's sake.

A lot of people don't like the flavor or texture of fondant, and this is a great way to get the look of fondant with a smooth cake and still have the classic flavor with buttercream.If you don't have non-patterned paper towels, you can use parchment or typing paper in a pinch, but the paper towels are nice because they're smooth and bend easily and confirm to the shape of your cake. Parchment paper isn't quite so cooperative.There we go - we've worked and smoothed that with our hands and fondant smoother and gotten a nice, smooth finish to our cake.



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